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Job Category

Job Title: Business Director
Date Posted: 08/06/2014
Location: Dorchester, Massachusetts
Division: Massachusetts
Department: Kroc
Category: Management

Principal Functions

The Business Director will give leadership and oversight to key business functions of the Kroc Center, including finance, budgeting, fund raising, contract compliance and all similar components essential to the smooth and effective operation of the Kroc Center.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provide exceptional business support to the Kroc Administrators and other managers to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Kroc Center.

  2. Research and prepare business documents and financial reports requested for the Kroc Advisory Council, Divisional Headquarters or other entities.

  3. Provide oversight and direction to all assigned departments ensuring that all staff under the Business Director’s direction gives the highest level of customer service.

  4. Attend meetings as assigned.


  1. Assumes primary responsibility for coordination of financial planning and reporting according to Salvation Army policies.

  2. Fully responsible for all accounting functions.

  3. Supervise the Kroc Center accounting staff, ensuring that all Salvation Army fiscal and accounting policies are carefully followed.

  4. Responsible for preparation of the annual budget in coordination with the Kroc Administrators and Divisional Finance Department.

  5. Working in collaboration with the Kroc Administrators and Operations Manager, responsible for the fiscal solvency of the Kroc Center while focusing on growth and increasing services both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  6. Responsible for ongoing budget monitoring, monthly review of budget comparison for all departments and line items as well as individual government contract and outside funding source compliances.

  7. Coordinate audit preparation and material for internal and external Auditors and per direction of the Finance Department.

  8. Prepare and present financial, personnel, and property reports as needed for funding agents, Advisory groups and Divisional Headquarters.

  9. Work with outside vendors to assure that appropriate services and products are being provided.

  10. Periodically review functionalization formulas to ensure accuracy.

  11. Manage the follow up procedures necessary to securing government grants from the City, State, and Federal Government working closely with the Divisional Headquarters who are responsible for cultivating these contracts. Identify specific requirements for each grant, timelines for the submission of applications and information leading up to the issuance of the grant checks.

  12. Manage the follow up procedures necessary to secure the necessary documents for foundations, corporate gifts, and individual restricted gifts, noting that official legal signatures for receipt need to be processed through normal Salvation Army channels.   Prepare related reports as needed.

  13. Review job description every 3-6 months to see what changes may be needed as the Center advances and make recommendations to the Kroc Administrators on revision.

  14. Ensure that the fiscal closing procedures are properly carried out and completed in a timely manner, as defined by DHQ Finance.

  15. Be responsible to see that all monthly financial reports and bank reconciliations are submitted to DHQ monthly on a timely basis.

  16. Review all payment methods and costs, in coordination with the Administrator to ensure that they meet the needs of the center and are cost effective.


  1. Supervise the Development & Fundraising Manager

  2. Ensure that the Kroc Center meets its annual fund raising goals

  3. Understanding that the Kroc Center is one of many Salvation Army programs in Greater Boston, work closely with the Divisional Community Relations Department to ensure there is no duplication in “asks” to various foundations, groups, and businesses.  All proposals to be cleared in advance via the proposal review committee.

  4. Play an active role in the development of a signature fund raising event for the Kroc Center

  5. Work closely with the Divisional Community Relations Department in identifying corporate, foundations, and individual donors who can cover the costs of sponsored memberships.


  1. Provide oversight to the Café operation, ensuring that it is fiscally viable and provides appropriate support to the overall Kroc mission (health and fitness) and strategy.

  2. Provide oversight to Food Services/Culinary Arts Program


  1. Provide oversight to Marketing & Special EventS


  1. Provide oversight to the Information Technology and Audio/Video Manager, ensuring that this department is supportive of the Kroc programs and events.

  2. Work collaboratively with the Divisional Information Technology Director to comply with all Salvation Army policies related to computer usage and information security.

  3. Become familiar with and assess the various systems needed for operation under the business section.


The Business Director will play a vital role in contributing to the total effectiveness of the department, communicating openly, solving problems proactively, offering creative ideas and working as a positive, engaged team member.    Flexibility and a cooperative spirit are crucial characteristics of the individual who holds this important position.  The Salvation Army reserves the right to revise or change job duties and responsibilities as the need arises.  It is expected that each employee will be familiar with The Salvation Army’s Handbook for employees.  Questions regarding its contents should be directed to the Divisional Human Resource Department or Immediate Supervisor.



Education Requirements

Applicant must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance or related field; Master’s Degree preferred.   Degree program with a focus on non-profit administration and/or additional courses in fund raising, accounting, and human resources preferred


Work Experience

Minimum of five years of relevant experience providing administration and financial oversight of a human service organization (preferred) or business.


Other Qualifications

  • Knowledge and experience in organizational effectiveness and operations

  • Knowledge of business and management principles and practice

  • Supervisory experience and effective management of others

  • Knowledge of and experience with financial and accounting principles and practices

  • Knowledge of and experience with human resource principles and practice

  • Experience in fund raising and development

  • Basic knowledge of facility expense management preferred

  • Strong communication skills

  • Understand and support the mission of The Salvation Army


Contact Information:
Pamela Jones
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