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Job Title: Substitute Teacher's Aide
Date Posted: 05/22/2014
Location: New York , New York
Division: Greater New York
Department: Day Care
Category: Child Care



  • To share with classroom associates their mutual knowledge and understanding of the sponsoring agency and the community which their center serves.

  • To promote his/her own personal growth and development through participation in regularly scheduled individual conferences, classroom group conferences and staff meetings.

  • To share with other classroom personnel the performance of routine chores related to all areas of program.

  • To participate, wherever feasible, in related training opportunities as these become available.

  • To participate in objective discussions on his/her own professional performance in supervisory conferences with the group teacher and/or director.

  • Developing and maintaining a positive working relationship with parents.

  • Adhering to the approved plan by which information concerning the children and program can be shared with the parents.

  • Attending and participating in group parent meetings.

  • Respecting the confidential nature of all information about parents and children.

  • Maintain good working relationships and objective attitudes with other personnel.

  • Share in the use and writing of records such as are required and necessary for the development of the program and for work with the individual child, the group and any student or volunteer that may be assigned.



Must meet the requirements set by the Agency for Child Development and the sponsoring agency of the day care center in which he is employed.

General Summary:

Working within the framework of the sponsoring agency of the day care center and carrying out its functions, policies and procedures. To assist in the planning and execution of a program to provide day care for children which takes into account the educational, social, developmental and health needs of the group, as well as the individual child.

To share responsibility for keeping equipment and material accessible and in good condition in order to encourage maximum constructive use by the children. To share responsibility for removing or reporting any damaged or hazardous equipment to the director or other designated person so that necessary action may be taken. To participate in planning and supervising an appropriate arrangement of classroom equipment and furniture designed to promote optimal program functioning. To participate in the overall planning for the best use of shared space in relation to the total center program. To assist in planning the use of community resources to enrich the educational content of the children’s program. To participate in discussions aimed at developing a program of sound educational goals appropriate to the age and developmental level of children which will enable them to make the most of future educational opportunities.

Anyone interested in applying should send resumes to:


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