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Job Title: Soup Kitchen Cook (Part-Time)
Date Posted: 06/03/2014
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Division: Greater New York
Department: Bedford Temple Corps
Category: Food Services


  • The employee is required to be punctual for work. (Work hours will be established by The Corps Officer).

  • The employee is required to present themselves in a tidy manner in preparation for work

  • The employee is required to prepare meals for The Soup Kitchen under the guidance of The Corps Officer

  • The employee is required to keep the refrigerator, freezer and cooler clean at all times

  • The employee is required to clean the stove and related surrounding areas after each cooking session.

  • The employee is required to clean and store all related kitchen utensils after each use.

  • The employee is required to observe all sanitary procedures such as the wearing of aprons, gloves, and hairnets

  • The employee must have the ability to lift large pots and pans that would be used in the carrying out of their duties.



  • High School Diploma or equivalent (not required but a plus)

  • Some work experience in related field (Food Preparation/Service and Knowledge of proper food handling)

  • Must be dependable and reliable.

  • Must be able to plan and prepare a variety of menus in accordance with the nutritional guidelines as stated by The City Of New York.

  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 40 pounds

  • Must be physically able to function independently in the preparing of meals.

Anyone interested in applyng should email resumes to:

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