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Job Title: Assistant Program Coordinator
Date Posted: 06/06/2014
Location: Brooklyn , New York
Division: Greater New York
Department: DDS-Decade House
Category: Social Work

General Summary:

Responsible for coordination and implementation of in-house programming, including assessments, goal planning, evaluation of daily progress, monthly resident reviews, monitoring recreational programs, seeking community resources, maintaining trip log for van use. Making independent judgments using discretion for the benefit of the individuals.


  • Responsible for organization of records and assuring records are up-to-date.

  • Participate in Interdisciplinary Team meetings/Staff meetings.

  • In conjunction with Program Coordinator, create agenda for meeting, plan standard items of agendas, such as committee reports, announcements and staff concerns.

  • Provide supervision to staff as designated, including regular conference with staff.

  • Arrange coverage for shifts as designated by Program Coordinator or in absence of Program Coordinator.

  • Research and plan for summer camp in conjunction with Program Coordinator and /or Director of Developmental Disabilities Services.

  • Monitor clothing inventory and necessary purchases.

  • Orientation of new staff to program.

  • Plan and organize staff presentations at meetings; suggest topics for in-service.

  • Make school contacts and attend school meetings (shared with Program Coordinator).

  • Collaborate with consultants, especially Psychologist on programming.

  • Jointly responsible with Program Coordinator for OPWDD Reviews, Surveys, Corrections Process and all other program evaluations

  • Follow through on recommendations from Quality Assurance report.

  • Other duties.

  • Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of persons and population served.

  • Direct care as necessary.

  • Attendance standards; 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Sunday thru Thursday, and at the discretion of the Program Coordinator.



  • Bachelors Degree Preferred.

  • Qualified to assume the responsibilities of the PC in the absence of the PC.

  • Administrative experience.

  • 4 years supervisory experience, preferably in residential setting.

  • NYS Driver’s License.

  • Has respect and consideration for the resident being served.

Anyone interested in applying please contact Marie Dominique at (F) 718-366-6125 or

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