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Job Category

Job Title: Assistant Greater Boston Social Services Coordinator and Divisional Volunteer Program Manager
Date Posted: 06/12/2014
Location: Canton, Massachusetts
Division: Massachusetts
Department: Divisional Headquarters - Greater Boston Social Se
Category: Social Services

Principal Function

Organize all aspects of multiple social service events in the Mass Bay area including the recruitment, training, and coordination of volunteers for these events.   Support the GBSSC in the development and implementation of social service delivery within Greater Boston.


Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Point person for divisional volunteerism – Corporate, agencies and individuals

  2. Coordinate with Salvation Army sites to set up and schedule volunteer opportunities.  Includes: recruitment and maintaining relationships

  3. National Volunteer Week – provide communication and recognition to current volunteers and develop a program to better promote this week


Greater Boston Social Services

  1. Development, maintenance, and oversight of divisional volunteer database for Greater Boston Social Service events and continuing programs in the Greater Boston area including recruiting, training, and supervision.

    1. Recruit, manage and increase social service volunteer capacity in Greater Boston area.

    2. Receive, consult and refer all volunteer requests to all Mass Bay Corps and programs regarding social services.

    3. Recruit and supervise all seasonal staff

    4. Development and maintenance of divisional volunteer database & TSA Volunteer web page information and other internet volunteer site information

    5. Develop proficiency with the divisional volunteer database and provide training and support to Greater Boston Corps on utilization of database

    6. Coordinate information sharing from DHQ departments and Boston Corps through volunteer database

    7. Make presentations to corporations, churches, other organizations about social service volunteer opportunities with TSA

    1. Support Greater Boston Social Services (GBSS) programs including site visits, program development, resource allocation, and providing basic trainings to volunteers.

    2. Maintain regular communications with key partners, agencies, and individuals in the Greater Boston area

    3. Participate in the GBAB Program and Volunteerism; as well as service delivery events subcommittees

  2.  Development, implementation, and oversight of a GBSS internship program (in the fields of volunteer management, non-profit/social services, and special events

    1. Develop appropriate roles and responsibilities descriptions for each field

    2. Develop and maintain relationships with student service departments at Greater Boston schools and colleges

    3. Supervise interns by providing coordination and follow-up

    4. Provide reporting as requested

  3. Provide research, data, and necessary information in completing grant applications in collaboration with DHQ Grant Department

  4. Provide support to GBSSC when unavailable or absent from Greater Boston area.:

    1. Provide administrative support for GBSCC including receiving and returning phone calls, scheduling meetings, and returning emails.

    2. Attending meetings or scheduled events.

    3. Support social service programs and Corps in Greater Boston area as needed by G.S. or GBSSC

  5. Consult with the GBSCC as appropriate in regard to joint volunteer ventures, as initiated by National Headquarters, Territorial, or Divisional Headquarters.

  6. Provide volunteer management and communication for regional and divisional EDS responses in collaboration with Divisional EDS Director

  7. Provide media reports and updates on individual services, distributions, and social service programs in Greater Boston area.

Special Events

Plan, organize, and implement multiple large scale social service distribution events throughout the calendar year.  Social Service events include but are not limited to:

  1. Active Kids Day

    • Order and keep inventory of items needed

    • Organize volunteer schedules for set-up and distribution

    • Solicit local vendors for food items

    • Coordinate set up and take down of events

    • Coordinate with sponsors for pick up of donations

  2. Boston Week at Camp Wonderland

    • Coordinate with Boston Corps regarding camper registration

    • Communicate with partner and city agencies regarding event

    • Request and schedule volunteers to support event

    • Coordinate with any agencies/groups providing special activities or services for event

  3. Back to School Distribution

    • Supervise selection and ordering of backpacks and all supplies needed and coordinate  with all volunteer groups and individuals

    • Communicate, recruit, and coordinate with all agency collaborators

    • Supervise and train staff team/site  leaders for the event

    • Coordinate with IT and oversee  set up all of all necessary equipment

  4. Coats for Kids

    • Supervise  Divisional Coats for Kids program including needed DHQ staff,  regular communication with Anton’s HQ, scheduling pickups and deliveries, responding to Corps requests, and organizing storage throughout the year for additional coats

  5. Christmas Castle

    • Work directly with vendor to order and secure toys for event

    • Supervise and coordinate with Anton’s and other donors to receive, store, and organize coats

    • Recruit, coordinate , and schedule corporate and individual volunteers for event

    • Supervise set up and breakdown of event

    • Manage and requests donations specific to event such as food, drinks, and entertainment

    • Manage  purchases, donations, ‘dressing’ and delivery of toy bears from multiple supporter agencies and individuals

  6. Thanksgiving Distribution

    • Work directly with vendors to order and schedule deliveries to multiple sites of required food and items

    • Recruit, coordinate, and schedule volunteers for multiple sites in Boston area

    • Coordinate and communicate with each Boston Corps regarding event details, supplies, and implementation; including  preparatory site visits

    • Work with each Corps  and CRD to provide supporting  media resources including pictures and stories

  7. Camp Wonderland service days

    • Point of contact for companies, groups, and individuals seeking Camp volunteer service opportunities

    • Coordinate service day event with Camp staff including site needs, scheduling, necessary resources, and volunteer meals

    • Oversee actual service day event including receiving, welcoming, managing of volunteers


  1. Collaborate with the Community Relations and Development Department regarding publicity and coordination; and to solicit new corporate and individual sponsors for all events

  2. Provide current statistical reporting of social service distributions to DHQ

  3. Develop  additional social service events

  4. Supervise department seasonal staff including scheduling, oversight, and training

  5. Represent The Salvation Army’s spiritual ministry and social mission in the community

  6. Perform any other duties as requested.



Education Requirements            

Bachelors Degree in Business, Communications, or Public Relations preferred

Work Experience

  • Minimum of two years experience in organizing Special Events  (100-8000 people served)

  • Minimum one year experience in working for a non-profit

  • Experience in public relations, communication or marketing

  • Experience in volunteer recruitment, training,  and database management

Other Qualifications

  • Energetic, organized, excellent people skills

  • Experience in making presentations to groups

  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills

  • Computer literate

  • Team builder

Contact Information:
Karen Brotherton
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