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Job Title: Assistant Director of Creative Arts
Date Posted: 06/17/2014
Location: New York , New York
Division: Greater New York
Department: Creative Arts (DHQ)
Category: Creative Arts


  • Participate in the development and creative process in planning special events

  • Responsible for the development and leadership of the Divisional Dance or Timbrel Team.

  • Assist with specific dance, timbrel or drama group projects as need.

  • Assist Corps in the development of dance, timbrels or drama groups.

  • Liaison for Corps groups/individuals participating in divisional events.

  • Assist in seeking out and training leaders in the areas of Creative Arts

  • Development of specific segments for Divisional events as requested

  • Assist in the arranging, creation, organization of props/scenery/costumes as needed

  • Assist in the arranging staff for the handling of all technical area’s in the planning of special events.

  • Participate at summer camp programs including: Music & Creative Arts camp, Jr. and Sr Conservatories.

  • Assist in the coordination of the Divisional Star Search

  • Participate in the Territorial Arts Ministries Conservatory as needed

  • Assist in the coordination of young people for the TAM Conservatory.

  • Must be at the office two days a week and teaching at the Corps everyday besides Mondays.

  • Soldier at a Corps at the discretion of the Divisional Commander.

  • Assist with any other projects as assigned by the Creative Arts Director



  • Bachelor degree and/or significant experience in creative arts with emphasis on dance or timbrels.

 Anyone interested in appling should send their resume to Pablo Fernandez at:

(F) 212-337-7291 or

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