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Job Title: Case Manager
Date Posted: 06/18/2014
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Division: Greater New York
Department: Kingsboro Men's Shelter
Category: Social Work


  • Responsible for performing a variety of casework duties, including meeting with residents and preparing psycho social evaluations, including obtaining, analyzing and evaluating data and develop services plans, make periodic reports to the supervisor on the progress of each case.

  • The Case manager is responsible for making the residents aware of rules and regulations of the shelter as well providing information regarding the services plan process.

  • Carries a caseload and perform record keeping functions as required, case notes, census statistical reports. All records are to be maintained at a confidential level.

  • Refer residents to agencies and programs as necessary and establishes a rapport and professional relationship with these agencies.

  • Assists residents in establishing relationships with outside services.

  • Arranges for transportation to bonfire appointments.

  • Prepares a facility workshop and meeting with clients relative to goals of Social Services and needs of residents and works closely with other personnel assigned to residents.

  • Handles emergencies as they arise arrange for medical services.

  • Attends staff meeting as requested by the Director of Social Services or the Social Service Supervisor.

  • Does not abuse sick time or personal days

  • Consistently reports to work on time and is ready to begin work at the start of the shift

  • Always provides proper notification when late absent.

  • Demonstrates reliability when on-call.

  • Available to work overtime when necessary (Only non-Exempt employees).

  • Demonstrates the ability to recognize priorities in organization of workflow.

  • Able to perform duties independently, with minimal need of direct supervision.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of clients, shelter/program, agency and or The Salvation Army

  • Reports to work well groomed and in compliance with dress code. Wears I.D. badge while on duty.

  • Demonstrates the ability to interact in a positive and helpful manner with clients, visitors, contract staff, volunteers and co-workers.

  • Reflects commitment to building a supportive work environment and maintains a positive attitude at the work place and towards job.

  • Projects a good image in dealing with the public and clients.

  • Is willing to make an extra effort to help build a quality and caring shelter/program



  • Baccalaureate Degree from an Accredited College or University in Human Services.

  • Experience preferably in program serving the homeless or similar population working with the homeless population.

Anyone interested in applying should send their resume to Sara Ostolaza at:

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