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Job Title: Divisional Youth & Young Adult Assistant/Assistant Camp Director
Date Posted: 07/21/2014
Location: Elwood City, Pennsylvania
Division: Western Pennsylvania
Department: Camp Allegheny
Category: Youth Work

Job Summary:

The Divisional Youth & Young Adult Assistant / Assistant Camp Director is responsible for resourcing corps youth and young adult programs within the Western, PA Division.  This position is also responsible for cultivating relationships with college-age Salvationist young adults, as well as year round management of the Camp Allegheny youth camp  program under the direction of the Divisional Youth / Asst. Candidates Secretary.  The Youth & Young Adult Assistant / Assistant Camp Director will also be responsible for the recruitment of Summer Camp Staff under the direction of the DYACS.  This will include the processing of all paper work for the hiring process.

I           Essential Functions:

  1. Youth / Young Adults

  1. Participate in the leadership of Youth Department led training to corps, program assistants, etc.

  2. Assist in the planning of special events including, but not limited to: Youth Councils, Youth Praise, Youth Dept. Brigade Sundays

  3. Visit area colleges to promote Camp Allegheny as well as wider opportunities for worship and services.

  4. Develop relationships with divisional young adults providing opportunities for fellowship and spiritual development.

B. Camp

  1. Provide Management of Camp’s Program Office at Camp Allegheny during the camping season.

  2. Assist the DYCS’ in the development of the Camp Allegheny camping program.

  3. Prepare and present completed applications to the DYCS’ with recommendations for summer staff placement.   The Camp Director will then meet with the Youth Department, in order to make final determinations of staff placement. Note: All staff must be reviewed by the Program Secretary and by the Command Finance Council.

  4. Prepare staff orientation and training programs under the direction of the DYCS’. This will include arranging special guests, preparing all forms, determining the schedule and coordinating with all staff.

  5. Coordinate the pre-camp program. This will involve coordinating with the caretaker and housekeeper to determine work projects, housing, etc.

  6. Communicate with all approved staff as to their arrival/departure dates, housing assignments, travel details and other necessary information to make the transition to camp as easy as possible.

  7. Maintain camping programs and operational procedures in accordance with the American Camping Association (ACA).

  8. Assist in the preparation of all materials associated with the ACA re-accreditation of Camp Allegheny. This will include updating files, brochures, written policies, etc.

  9. Represent Camp Allegheny to the public at functions (ACA and others) as assigned.  This includes Staff Recruitment opportunities.

  10. Supervise all program and counseling staff, utilizing appropriate Village Leaders.

  11. Assist the DYCS’ in the preparation and implementation of the opening day intake procedures for campers.

  12. Develop and maintain a library of resources for camp use.

  13. Maintain all records, evaluations, statistics, surveys and forms in a secure manner.

  14. Coordinate with the caretaker and DYCS’ all post camp procedures regarding work projects and the moving out of camp.

  15. Maintain and safeguard all equipment.

  16. Attend necessary classes to obtain training in areas related to this field.

  17. Attend Territorial Youth Department events as directed by DYCS’.

  18. Attend national conferences/ seminars related to this job responsibility with the endorsement/approval of the Divisional Commander and DYCS’ (including annual Divisional Youth Leaders Conference).

  19. Maintain office hours in the off season at Divisional Headquarters.

  20. Assist in preparation of Camper forms & mailings to corps. Work with Corps and Service Units in the recruitment of summer campers.

  21. Responsible for the Development of Staff Recruitment opportunities

  22. Coordinate and administer an annual Camp Allegheny reunion.

  23. Maintain the Camp Allegheny website / Social media.

  24. Serve on the Divisional Youth Commission.

  1.  Sunbeams/Guards/Boy’s Work

  1. Assist in Scheduling, planning and implementing Program Camp each year.

  2. Responsible for recruiting corps leaders to submit written assignments sent to THQ for the Leader’s Resource Book.

  3. Provide support and training for Corps’ Youth programs (Sunbeams/Guards and Boy’s Work)

  4. Provide support and leadership for Corps Youth program Banquets, Dinners, Ceremonies, etc.

  1.  Other

  1.  Perform duties as assigned for Family Camp and New Century Youth Meetings.



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Must possess a working knowledge of ACA standards.

  2. Must possess management, organizational and creativity skills.

  3. Must possess basic office skills, including use of computer.

  4. Must possess a valid Pennsylvania Drivers License.

  5. Requires the ability to communicate effectively with employees, Officers and the general public, in a manner which promotes The Salvation Army’s mission, principles and image.

  6. Requires an understanding of Camp Allegheny management and program development.

III        Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelors Degree (preferably in a related field such as education or youth ministry)

  2. Minimum of three years camping experience, including at least one year of supervisory responsibility.

  3. Must be First Aid and CPR Certified.

  4. Active Salvationist a plus.


Contact Information:
Angela Panek
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