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Job Category

Job Title: Regional Music Director/Northern Region
Date Posted: 07/23/2014
Location: Northern Region, Pennsylvania
Division: Western Pennsylvania
Department: Program
Category: Music

Job Summary:

The position of Regional Music Director is multifaceted in its involvement with all areas of the regional music programs; with a focus on the use of creativity and educational abilities.

Setting and maintaining a high standard of Christian values are very important as the position is highly visible to all people that come through the building for various programs.

It is expected that the employee will be able and willing to assist not only with musical endeavors, but also utilizing any talents and skills they may have to enhance the Salvation Army Western Pennsylvania, and it’s Northern Region.

This position is responsible for three (3) primary Corps in this Region as well as nearby Corps as time allows.  Time will be given to each Corps as evenly as possible with the cooperation of all Corps Officers and supervision by the Divisional Music Director.  Must rotate between the Corps on Sundays based on the performance schedules of music and arts groups.

It is required that the music director maintain all instruments, keeping them in good playing form for the use of the corps.  As well as maintain the corps music library to be utilized by any leaders of groups in the corps.

The position submerses the employee in a tight-knit family both at the corps and community level, which in turn creates not only a job, but a lifestyle.  Openness and willingness to accept and assist anyone that may enter the facility is absolutely required.

Key Responsibility Areas:

Regular Events where support is needed include (but are not limited to):  Regional Ingathering, Music Camp, Family Camp, Kettle Kick-offs, Divisional Luncheons, Project Bundle-up Events.

Corps Programs

Serve as a participant and oversight to:

  • Sunday Worship Services and Sunday Worship

  • General Corps Programs

  • Music Lessons

  • YP Band

  • Singing Company

  • Timbrels

  • Dance

  • Drama

Worship Services

Must actively participate in any and all worship services in the assigned Corps.  The music director works closely with the ministry team to assist in determining song selection, accompaniment, and where able to participate musically as pianist or vocalist to enhance worship.

The music director, with coordination of the C/Os determines groups that will participate in worship on a regular rotating basis.

The music director supports the efforts of all music forces at the corps level and their enhancement of worship; either as a leader, or active participant.  This includes and is not limited to copying music, preparing audio/video, power points and even arranging music when necessary.

The music director also becomes the coordinator of worship with other senior members of the corps when the C/O is unavailable to lead.

It is required that the music director arrive early and continue beyond all worships services to see that everything has been accomplished to the highest standards available.  Ultimately being ready and willing is a mainstay of the position on Sunday morning.

Divisional Music Support

Support various events for the division; ranging from luncheons, to DHQ devotions, to leadership trainings, to funerals, and various other events when needed.

Support divisional events, such as:  Star Search, Arts Convocations, Family Camp, Music Camp, Youth Councils, etc…

Support the divisional musical forces.  Be prepared to accompany members of the corps to divisional rehearsals and events, and yourself to take part either playing or leading to whatever capacity the divisional team see fit.

Meet with the Divisional Music Director on a weekly basis for planning of Divisional and Regional activities.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Willingness to travel and availability of reliable transportation.

Strong organization and communication skills.

Good computer skills (familiarity with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sibelius/Finale)

Must have an understanding of and appreciation for the mission of The Salvation Army.

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in music, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Proven experience in Corps Music Program leadership.


Contact Information:
Angela Panek
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