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Job Title: UPK Assistant Teacher
Date Posted: 08/07/2014
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Division: Greater New York
Department: Brownsville Corps
Category: Teacher


  • Assist in the assessment of the educational and developmental needs of each child with input from the UPK teacher and the child’s family

  • Keep all equipment and material accessible and in good condition to encourage maximum constructive use by the children. Remove or report any damaged or hazardous equipment to the director or other designated person so that necessary action may be taken.

  • Share in the overall planning for the best use of shared space in relation to the total center program.

  • Plan the use of community resources to enrich the educational content of the children’s program.

  • Actively participate in age appropriate interactions and classroom activities such as free play, mealtime, floor time, and other classroom learning activities.

  • Be competent to perform in the work of the UPK Teacher when they are not available.

  • The Assistant Teacher, supervised by the UPK Teacher, is part of the direct service team working to provide integrated services to children and families.

  • Approach all issues and problems professionally. In addition, they should maintain good working relationships and objective attitudes with other staff members., work cooperatively with colleagues

  • Attend staff meetings, professional conferences, and engage in ongoing staff development.

  • Assist with the annual evaluation of the educational program of the center.

  • Write and share records with appropriate staff members as required and necessary for the effective administration of the center, the development of the program, or work with the individual child.

  • Collaborate with the UPK Teacher to engage and involve parents in the program.

  • Assist to develop an appropriate plan by which information concerning the children and program can be shared with the parent.

  • Hold regular conferences with parents, in addition to daily, ongoing interaction and occasional evening parent meetings.

  • Participate in annual team meetings involving individual educational plans (IEP) for the children with special needs.

  • Write daily session notes and develop portfolios for each of the children.

  • Respect the confidential nature of all information about parents and children.



  • High School Diploma or High School Equivalency

  • Teacher Assistant Certification in compliance with 8 NYCRR 80-5.6 (Level I, II, or III)

Anyone interested in applying for this position should send their resume to Venus Knight-Moore at

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