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Job Category

Job Title: Facilities and Security Manager - Exempt
Date Posted: 12/08/2014
Location: Dorchester, Massachusetts
Division: Massachusetts
Department: Kroc Center
Category: Management

Principal Functions

The Facilities and Security Manager will give oversight to the day-to-day operations of the physical facilities of the RJKCCC and the safety of those that reside there.  This includes all building and utility infrastructure as well as direct supervision of all maintenance and security staff of the RJKCCC.  This position is responsible for ensuring assets are maintained to achieve maximum useful life and safe operation, by supervising or performing various tasks in the installation, repair, maintenance and operation of mechanical, electrical, HVAC and life safety systems throughout the facility.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Give oversight to the day-to-day operations of the physical facilities of the RJKCCC.

  • Monitor the facility and external areas (soccer field, outside courts, spray grounds, etc), parking lots and landscaped areas daily.

  • Monitor all electrical, security, communication and ventilation systems for each area daily.

  • Work with contractors to manage and repair facility as needed.

  • Monitor KW demand start and stop operation on co-generation plant by as needed.

  • Be first respondent on fire alarm system, chemical spills and/or hazardous materials management.

  • Identify any needed repairs or special projects to plumbing, electrical, windows or structures.

  • Develop, supervise and execute year round preventative maintenance plan.

  • Maintain a consistently high level of efficiency in the operation of the facilities of the RJKCCC.

  • Meet regularly with the Business Manager and/or Kroc Center Administrator(s) to participate in setting priorities and recommendations for repairs, remodeling and replacement of facilities and equipment.

  • Maintain updated files on warranties on buildings and equipment related to the operational aspects of the RJKCCC.

  • Provide instruction to all maintenance staff in the proper us of all equipment and cleaning supplies.

  • Oversee and document the upkeep and maintenance of all vehicles and motor driven equipment.

  • Purchase equipment and supplies as authorized by the Business Manager and/or Administrator and in compliance with budgetary considerations.

  • Will give direct supervision to all maintenance staff, deliver daily job assignments to maintenance staff; supervise and establish daily operational routines that include janitorial services, trash pickup, grounds beautification, upkeep and ongoing repairs.

  • Supervise and quality control check all work performed by the RJKCCC maintenance staff.

  • Develop systems that safe guard any and all facilities, supplies and equipment related to the buildings and grounds of the RJKCCC.

  • Check daily for any signs of graffiti or vandalism damage to the RJKCCC buildings and property, including bus stops, fences and light poles.  Report any incidents, which may include photographs and a written account.  Report serious vandalism to the Police Department.  Repair all vandalism immediately after reporting and recording the damage.

  • Maintain a safe working environment for all employees, guests and members of the RJKCCC.  Report all problems with the facilities to the Kroc Center Administrator(s).

  • Responsible for upkeep, maintenance and cleanliness of the maintenance shop and all janitorial storage areas in all the buildings of the RJKCCC.

  • Serves as an internal information security consultant to the organization.

  • Provides and organizes direct training and oversight to all employees, affiliates, alliances, or other third parties, ensuring proper information security clearance in accordance with established organizational information security policies and procedures.

  • Initiates, facilitates, and promotes activities to create information security awareness within the organization.

  • Reviews all system-related security plans throughout the organization's network, acting as a liaison to the Kroc Center Administrator(s).

  • Monitors the internal control systems to ensure that appropriate access levels are maintained with the Kroc Center Administrator(s).

  • Create and maintain office support systems that will allow for timely and accurate record keeping, including the areas of repair logs, accounting of expenditures and other reporting as required.

  • Maintain, test and calibrate as needed all building operations equipment and systems in compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

  • Manage operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance functions and establish and/or maintain documentation of the heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and other complex mechanical/electrical building systems.

  • Supervise year round upkeep and maintenance of pool.  Work with the Aquatics Manager on maintaining pool filtration systems and health code matters related to operation of the pools.

  • Monitor and maintain pool facilities in accordance with authority having jurisdiction.

  • Exhibit working knowledge of OSHA standards and practice.

  • Visually inspect systems to assess a safe and efficient operation.

  • Ability to independently maintain equipment and related facilities in accordance with preventative maintenance and manufacturer’s standards.

  • Schedule and assign personnel to complete maintenance activities.

  • Manage employee training by implementing and maintaining best practices.

  • Routinely monitor and accurately document equipment status. Take immediate and independent action to correct variances and/or report significant problem to Kroc Center Administrator.

  • Report to Kroc Center Administrator and department heads on building condition assessments.

  • Direct team members on light construction projects.

  • Operate a maintenance management system to schedule preventive and on-demand work.

  • Operate an energy management system to ensure efficient operations.

  • Assist in hiring, training and evaluating department staff.

  • Follow and ensure adherence to The Salvation Army Policies and Procedures.

  • Perform other related assignments/duties as assigned.

  • Assume Manager on Duty (MOD) responsibilities when scheduled.


Flexibility and a cooperative spirit are crucial characteristics of the individual who holds this important position.

The Salvation Army reserves the right to revise or change job duties and responsibilities as the need arises. Its facilities and vehicles provide a smoke and drug free work environment for all employees and volunteers.

It is expected that each employee will be familiar with The Salvation Army Handbook for Employees. Questions regarding its contents can be directed toward the Human Resource Department or Immediate Supervisor.


Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and at least seven years experience in a related field or trade

  • CFM or related certification preferred

  • Certifications in boilers and HVAC systems required


Work Experience

Seven years of experience in physical facilities maintenance management, including the monitoring of repair contracts and warranties.


Other Qualifications

  • Thorough understanding of building construction and associated trades

  • Must exhibit strong leadership qualities and interpersonal skills

  • Proficiency in spreadsheet, database and CAFM/CMMS software applications

  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints

  • Must be willing and able to work occasional weekends and evenings as may be required in performance of duties or as requested to support the ongoing operations of the Kroc Center.  The accountabilities of the Facilities and Security Manager will require this role to be on call 24 hours/7 days.

  • Must be able to lift and carry 40 pounds.

  • Have successful experience in supervising a staff.

  • Must be computer literate

  • Must have a valid driver’s license

Contact Information:
Pamela Jones
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