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Job Title: Recreation Specialist
Date Posted: 08/27/2014
Location: Queens, New York
Division: Greater New York
Department: Family Shelters
Category: Youth Work


  • The Recreation Specialist reports directly to the Coordinator of Children’s Services regarding all youth and family recreation related issues,

  • The Recreation Specialist coordinates field trips, calendar of programs, and holiday celebrations.

  • The Recreation Specialist works with local colleges and high schools in the development of recreational opportunities for clients, i.e., Big Buddy programs, student recreation and any other program concepts.

  • The Recreation Specialist develops and maintains contacts with museums, theaters, sporting events, and other cultural programs and activities for clients.

  • The Recreation Specialist develops and facilitates recreation activities for the adults within the facility including but not limited to: homemaking, healthy eating, shopping on a budget, empowerment.

  • The Recreation Specialist organizes After School Programs, i.e. basketball, soccer, baseball, football leagues, etc., on-site or in conjunction with community and school programs.

  • The Recreation Specialist is responsible for planning monthly family meeting activities.

  • The Recreation Specialist plans and supervises a summer program for up to fifty (50) children.

  • The Recreation Specialist is responsible for recruiting, orientation and supervision of summer counselors.

  • The Recreation Specialist responsible for maintaining a safe and structured environment.

  • The Recreation Specialist maintains up-to-date statistics and documents on incidents.

  • The Recreation Specialist may be called upon to work a shift beginning as early as 8am and ending as late as 8pm depending on the needs of the program and the activities scheduled for the program youth.

  • Has respect and consideration for the people being served.

  • Demonstrates reliability when on-call. Available to work overtime when necessary (Only non-exempt employees)

  • Demonstrates the ability to recognize priorities in organization of workflow. Able to perform duties independently, with minimal need of direct supervision.

  • Maintains the confidentiality of clients, shelter/programs, agency, and/or The Salvation Army.

  • Reports to work well-groomed and in compliance with dress code. Wears I.D. badge while on duty.

  • Demonstrates the ability to interact in a positive and helpful manner with clients, visitors, contract staff, volunteers and co-workers.

  • Reflects commitment to building a supportive work environment and maintains a positive attitude at the work place and towards job.

  • Projects a good image in dealing with the public and its clients. Is willing to make an extra effort to help build a quality and caring shelter/program.

  • Other assignments and tasks may be added at the discretion of The Salvation Army.



  • High School Diploma or GED is required.

  • Experience working with disadvantaged children in childcare and/or recreational programs for children.

  • NYS Drivers License is strongly preferred.

  • Must be certified in CPR and First Aid and Fire Safety within three months of their hire date.

  • Good organizational skills, writing skills and communication skills are a must.

Anyone interested in applying for this position should send their resume to: Beverly Sharma at

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