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Job Category

Job Title: Summer Group Leader - 5 positions available
Date Posted: 05/28/2014
Location: Boston South End Corps, Massachusetts
Division: Massachusetts
Department: Boston South End Corps
Category: Child Care

Principal Function

The group leader serves as the primary supervisor to children ages 5-13, as they participate in program-scheduled activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Adhere to all instruction and direction given by Program Director, Site Coordinator, or Corps Officer.

  2. Facilitate a positive group dynamic which is all-inclusive and is anti-bully.

  3. Maintain the binder of “vital program information” which will be provided by the program for attendance and emergency purposes.

  4. Participate in the service and clean up of all meals provided by the program.

  5. Provides interactive and supervision and general child care during the hours of operation. (If child doesn’t know how to play a specific table or board game, teach or show him/her how through becoming one of the players).

  6. Accompany group on field trips, i.e. swimming, roller skating, etc.

  7. Be prepared to facilitate simple activities if the children have little or no homework.

  8. Document all injuries or serious incidents via program ‘incident/injury report’ the day a situation occurs and maintain a group ‘incident/injury log (located in binder).

  9. Maintain a clean, orderly, and modest appearance which is appropriate to the weather conditions.

  10. Assure a high level of interest and enthusiasm for all children involved in the program.

  11. Promote team spirit and unity amongst their group, as well as deal with any minor disciplinary issues which may occur throughout the day.

  12. Encourage and direct children in following our daily schedule with positive attitudes, while also ensuring that all children feel included, regardless of any mental, physical, or social limitation they may have.

  13. Be available to work full days on school vacation weeks. (Feb. April. Dec.)

  14. Be respectful and encouraging of the Christian values held by The Salvation Army.




Education Requirements    

            High School diploma/College background preferred.

Work Experience

At least six (6) months of half time experience working with school age.

Other Qualifications

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Must be able to fully engage themselves in all program-related activities, events, and fieldtrips

  • Maintain EEC regulations regarding health and safety.

Contact Information:
Karen Brotherton
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